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The Mangar Bathing Cushion bath lifts are a mobility bathing assistant product in a separate league. This bath tub lift is designed for users with sound upper body strength. However it is designed to help individuals in and out of the bathtub enabling users to enjoy and have the real feeling of a bath. The user is able to control how much air is left in the cushion. For example, you may want to leave some air in the cushion for more support or release all air for a completely normal bathing sensation, allowing you to sit ON the bottom of your bathtub. The Bathing Cushion weighs just 4.4lbs and comparable to most bath lifts, designed with a waterproof hand remote. Also, this bathtub lift has a lifting capacity of up to 294lbs. and a seat width of 23″. The bath cushion is inflated by an Airflo compressor and can be raised 16-17” and lowered to a suitable 0″; this is conveniently battery operated. More importantly, the Bathing Cushion bath tub lift is very stable, as sturdy suction cups keep the user safe.

You may wonder how one uses the Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The Mangar Bathing Cushion Reclining bathtub lift uses an air hose which is directly connected to the Hand Control. To begin with, the bathing cushion must be entirely inflated. The user must simply fill the bathtub to a desirable level, sit on the seat and move/swing the legs into the tub. From there, the user should make sure they are positioned at the center back of the cushion. Simply press the down button, this will release air and lower the user into the desired spot in the tub. Relax, bathe, and position into an upright position with knees and feet toward you when you are ready to complete. Select “up” on the control until the hose makes the desired sound, a hiss and you have just endured a relaxing, normal bath with a little help from the Mangar Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift.

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Key Features of the Bathing Cushion

The Bathing Cushion is designed to offer increased stability and comfort. Weighing only4.4lbs and featuring a new carry handle, it is supremely portable making it ideal for taking away on vacation. It can also be set up or removed in seconds and requires no fixtures or adaptations to an existing bathroom.

* Fully waterproof hand control

* The most stable inflatable bathing aid ever

* Now even easier to transport

* Will not lower you into the bath unless there is sufficient battery power to raise you back out again

* Compact and easy to store away

* Lightweight

* Supportive backrest

* Wide seat for comfort and stability

* Truly a reclining bath lift

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